PublishPress Revisions Supports Pods and LearnDash

There are new versions available for both PublishPress Revisions Free and Pro.

The Revisions plugin is very helpful when you want to copy a WordPress post, edit it, and then publish the update.

PublishPress Revisions Pro is now at version 2.3.7 and has support for the LearnDash and Pods plugins.

Support for LearnDash

LearnDash is one of the most popular learning management plugins. With the latest Revisions Pro, you'll be able to submit, moderate and schedule changes to all your LearnDash lessons.

If you are an Administrator editing a LearnDash lesson, you will be able to check the “Pending Revision” box and save your changes without publishing them.

Learn Dash Revisions
Learn Dash Revisions

If you are in the “Revisor” user role, you won't have this option. All you will see is the “Submit Revision” button which allows you to send your lesson changes for approval.

Submit Revision Learn Dash
Submit Revision Learn Dash

All your submitted LearnDash revisions will be waiting for you in the “Revisions Queue” screen.

Learn Dash Revision Queue
Learn Dash Revision Queue

If you edit a LearnDash lesson revision, you'll able to view, approve or schedule from this screen:

View Approve Learndash Revision
View Approve Learndash Revision

Support for Pods

Revisions Pro also has better support for the Pods plugin. Pods is an excellent way to build your own custom post types.

This release adds compatibility with all the custom field types in Pods.

Revisions Pro works with Pods content in exactly the same way as with normal posts. However, Pods doesn't support revisions by default. For the best experience, I would recommend going to the “Advanced Options” tab for your pod and checking the “Revisions” box:

Pods Revisions
Pods Revisions

Which plugins are supported by Revisions Pro?

PublishPress Revisions Free is available on This plugin supports standard editing with the WordPress core.

PublishPress Revisions Pro is available for PublishPress members. The Pro version provides support for 3rd party plugins and custom fields. Click here for an overview of some supported plugins.

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