PublishPress Revisions 2.10 Has Preview Improvements

At the beginning of October, we released PublishPress Revisions Free onto

This is a major update to the old Revisionary plugin and so we called it version 2.0. It has a much improved interface for managing, approving and scheduling revisions to your WordPress content.

The Revisions plugin allows you to copy a WordPress post, edit it, and then publish the update.

Thanks to everyone who has sent in feedback. We've been listening intently and have now released 10 updates.

Version 2.10 is now out and it has more improvements. In particular, there are improvements to the “Preview” feature.

Preview improvements

If you click the “Preview” button in PublishPress Revisions, you'll see your latest content, even if you haven't saved any changes. “Preview” will now show you exactly what you have on your editing screen. This works prior to submitting a revision and when editing an existing revision.

Prior to this update, clicking “Preview” would only show you saved content.

Other improvements

PublishPress Revisions 2.10 now also works better with the PublishPress Authors plugin.

There are also several small bug fixes thanks to feedback reported by users.

You can see the full changelog at

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