PublishPress Revisions Free is Live!

At the beginning of October, we released PublishPress Revisions Pro. This was a major update to the old Revisionary plugin.

Today, I'm delighted to say that the Free version of the plugin is live and you can download it from

Both versions of the plugin enable you to copy a WordPress post, edit it, and then publish the update.

If you need to manage, approve and schedule revisions to your WordPress content, then give PublishPress Revisions Free a try!

We hope that PublishPress Revisions can fill a real hole in the WordPress plugin space. There are almost no other plugins that allow you to manage WordPress revisions and are ready for Gutenberg.

New Features in PublishPress Revisions Free

For a detailed overview of all the new features, check out our post on PublishPress Revisions Pro.

Many of those features are also in PublishPress Revisions Free:

  1. Revision Queue
  2. Gutenberg compatibility
  3. Support for more WordPress core features
  4. Compare versions
  5. Frontend revision management

Our plan is that the Free version will provide support for the WordPress core, whereas the Pro version will provide support for extra plugins.

What’s next at PublishPress?

Our goal is to create powerful publishing plugins for WordPress.

To reach that goal, we’re refining and repackaging our best publishing enhancements as six plugins – each standalone, yet well-integrated. Each plugin will have a Free and Pro version. Every Free version will be on and every Pro version will be behind the paywall for PublishPress members. This image shows those six plugins:

PublishPress roadmap

We plan to have this line-up complete by the end of 2019. Click here for full details.

So to reach our 2019 target we’ll need five more releases:

  1. PublishPress Pro
  2. Capability Manager Enhanced Pro
  3. Multiple Authors Free
  4. Checklist Free
  5. Checklist Pro
  • Steve Burge

    Steve is the founder of PublishPress. He's been working with open source software for over 20 years. Originally from the UK, he now lives in Sarasota in the USA. This profile is generated by the PublishPress Authors plugin.

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  1. Revisions does what no other WP plugin does: allowing members to easily contribute revisions on existing posts. Some have gotten part way. However other plugins are cumbersome for the user requiring a lot more work for both submission and approval. This will make the difference between people excited to contribute and only die hard fans willing to contribute. Specifically the process is dead simple and doesn’t require filling out a bunch of form data for a revision while going to the exact recipient you would hope for and easy to preview changes. A dream come true for active communities.

    Aside from being uniquely awesome, it does well at the other highlighted tasks mentioned.

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