PublishPress Revisions 2.1 is Now Available

We're delighted to say that PublishPress Revisions 2.1 is now out, in both Free and Pro versions.

This is the first major update since Revisions Pro launched in October.

The Free version is available on on the Pro version is available to PublishPress members.

Both the Free and Pro versions allow you to copy a WordPress post, edit it, and then publish the update.

You will find lots of bug-fixes and several useful new features. Here's an overview of what you'll find in Revisions 2.1.

Interface improvements

We've tidied up the Revisions interface to use more standard WordPress options. For example, this next image shows what you'll see when you're moderating a revision:

Revision approval interface in PublishPress Revisions

There's also the option to add an “Approve” button to the “Compare” screens. You can enable or disable this button in the “Settings” area.

Bulk Approval of Revisions

There are extra options for the bulk approval of revisions. “Approve” and “Publish” are now available in the “Bulk Actions” dropdown.

Bulk approval interface in PublishPress Revisions

What's the difference between “Approve” and “Publish”.

  • For pending revisions that don't have a future date selected, there is no difference.
  • For pending revisions with a future date selection, “Approve” will schedule them while “Publish” will publish them immediately.
  • For revisions that are already scheduled, “Approve” does nothing but “Publish” causes them to be published immediately (ahead of their scheduled date).

Notifications Log

We recently added a Notifications Log feature for PublishPress. There's now one for Revisions too.

If you're unsure whether Revision notifications are being sent correctly, go to the “Settings” area.

Scroll to the bottom of the “Settings” area click the “Show Notification Log / Buffer” link.

Notifications Log in PublishPress Revisions

This image shows the content of a typical log:

This log has a Buffer that should prevent failures if your hosting company places limits on how frequently you send emails.

If you don't see this log, you can find by manually adding &mailinfo=1 to the Revisions Settings URL.

Theme compatibility

Version 2.0 of Revisions added frontend viewing and approval of revisions. One of the downsides to this is that we ran into conflicts with some themes.

Version 2.1 should work much better with those themes.

Themes which use a fixed position header were previously a problem. The Revisions top bar now uses fixed position display. This is the same approach used by the WordPress admin bar. This means that, regardless of theme, the Revisions bar should remain visible and in the same position.

Frontend revisions approval bar in PublishPress Revisions

We also saw problems with some themes and the URL for previewing revisions. You can now change the preview URL. If your preview URLs aren't working, go to the “Settings” area and you'll can choose one of three options:

URL approval settings in PublishPress Revisions

What's next for PublishPress Revisions?

In the short-term, we're investigating support for more page-builder plugins. Which page-builder we support will really depend on the quality of the plugins themselves. Some page-builders are beautifully coded. Other page-builders either have terrible code, or are so locked down that they are very difficult to integrate with.

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  1. Bravo for another great mile stone for Revisions Pro. This update is pretty significant not only functionality wise but also UX and improvements. Spammers raid your site? It’s far easier now to delete a page of 50 revisions as well as bulk approvals from trusted members. My favorite addition is the “Approve/Edit” buttons on compare view which will make it a breeze for members to quickly review changes + approval, or make adjustments by simply copying the text their interested in changing followed by clicking the edit button + updating. This is one of those scenarios where it’s easier done than said.

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