Revisionary Pro is Ready for Testing

Earlier this year, we relaunched the Revisionary plugin as part of our merger with PressPermit.

Revisionary is the best choice for managing, scheduling and moderating WordPress revisions.

After a summer of hard work, we're getting close to launching Revisionary version 2. There is an updated Free plugin and an all-new version of Revisionary called PublishPress Revisions Pro!

Update: Revisions Pro is now live.

Here's a rundown of 5 features available in the new Revisionary.

#1. Revision Queue

One of the most important new additions is a “Revision Queue”. This is one screen where you can see all revisions that are waiting for approval.

On the top of this screen are several tabs:

  • My Revisions: This shows the revisions you have created.
  • My Posts: This shows revisions for content you've written.
  • Pending: This shows revisions that are waiting for approval.
  • Scheduled: This shows revisions that are going live in the future.

This “Revision Queue” screen contains the key information about every revision:

  • Revision: This shows the post title of the new revision.
  • Status: This shows the status of the revision.
  • Post type: This shows the post type of the revision.
  • Revised by: This shows who created the revision.
  • Submission: This shows when the revision was created.
  • Schedule: This shows if and when the revision scheduled to go live.
  • Published Post: This shows the current post title.
  • Post Author: This shows the current author.

#2. Gutenberg compatibility

It's now possible for everyone to create revisions in Gutenberg. Even if you're an Editor or Administrator, you can submit pending revisions.

This image shows a published post with Revisionary available in the “revision” checkbox.

If you check the “revision” box, the big blue button changes to “Save Revision”:

#3. Support for more WordPress core features

One limitation with previous versions of Revisionary was that it only supported revisions to the post title or body. You could not edit revisions directly in Gutenberg or the Classic Editor. This means that the new Revisionary provides a much more familiar, WordPress-standard, interface.

The latest version of Revisionary supports many more core features including categories, tags, page parent, page template, featured images and excerpts.

#4. Frontend Revision Management

The new version of Revisionary moves most revision management to the frontend of WordPress. This is an unavoidable decision, because we want to support pagebuilders. Many pagebuilders take over the whole editing screen in the admin area, and so it would be very difficult to support if we didn't focus on the frontend.

How does this work in practice? When you view a revision, you'll see a bar across the top of the site. This green color shows that you're looking at a revision that's waiting for approval. You will see three buttons:

  • View Published Post
  • Edit
  • Schedule

The bar will change colors to indicate different situations. For example, this next color is for revisions that are no longer live. In this case, the option is to “Restore” this revision.

This purple color shows that you're looking at a post that's currently live on the site. You can click to “Edit” this version.

This grey color indicates that you're looking at a revision that's scheduled to go live. You can click “View Published Post” to see the version that's currently live. You can also click “Edit” or “Publish Now”.

#5. Revisionary Pro

Yes, Revisionary Pro is here and ready for testing!

The Free version of Revisionary 2 will be released soon. It has support for the WordPress core.

Revisionary Pro is available for testing, It has support for non-core plugins. In this first version of Revisionary Pro, you'll find support for Advanced Custom Fields and Beaver Builder.

This image shows the Beaver Builder experience for “Revisors”. They will see the new, blue “Submit Revision” button:

Beaver Builder revision scheduled to go live

This next image shows Revisionary Pro's support for Advanced Custom Fields. You'll see the ACF fields metabox whenever you create or edit a revision.

Can I test the new Revisionary?

Update: Revisions Pro is now live.

  • Steve Burge

    Steve is the founder of PublishPress. He's been working with open source software for over 20 years. Originally from the UK, he now lives in Sarasota in the USA. This profile is generated by the PublishPress Authors plugin.


  1. Revisionary Pro is coming together quite nicely, cutting edge software. Revision Queue with it’s filters and frontend buttons dramatically simplify the workflow from previous versions of Revisionary. Of the hundreds of plugins I’ve looked through specifically catered to editorial/revisions; Revisionary cuts out the bloat and puts content at the forefront empowering creative writers and contributors to build beautiful pages.
    Big thanks to Steve and Kevin for their many hours of work.

  2. Hi there,

    Sounds good – a couple of questions:

    1 – Does Revisionary Pro support WPML?
    2 – Are there free licenses for beta testers 🙂 ?



  3. Very rare to join a conversation online and for it to be just a few days old!

    It sounds like the pro version for Revisionary may have launched? I can’t seem to find it.

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