The PublishPress Statuses Plugin is Coming Soon

Update: PublishPress Statuses is now available on

PublishPress Statuses is a new plugin that we've been working on for almost a year.

Previously, we've had some support for custom statuses in other plugins including PublishPress Planner and PublishPress Permissions.

However, custom statuses are a really important feature for WordPress publishers. We've had numerous requests to improve how statuses work in WordPress. So we've built a new plugin that does nothing except manage custom statuses.

This screenshot below gives you an idea of how PublishPress Statuses will appear on your site:

PublishPress Statuses in the post editing screen

This is the first release of the plugin and we’re inviting publishers to test. We’d love to hear your feedback.

With this first release, you can create and edit your own custom statuses. This release has support for pre-publication statuses. The “Draft” status is fixed because moving it would break other parts of WordPress. But after “Draft”, you can customize the other workflow steps.

PublishPress Statuses main screen

You can choose which users are able to move posts to each status. In this screenshot below, only users in the Administrator role can move content to the “Assigned” status.

PublishPress Statuses Roles options

Video Introduction to PublishPress Statuses

What's next for PublishPress Statuses?

We’re waiting for approval from the plugin team. Once the plugin is on, we’ll be able to do a formal release.

There’s also a bunch of other features that are ready to go. However, they rely on integrations with other plugins, so we’ll release them once this new plugin is approved on the WordPress plugin repository. Those features include:

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  1. Went ahead and installed it to try it out. Then:

    “To use PublishPress Statuses, please upgrade PublishPress Plannner to version 4.0-beta4 or higher.

    To use PublishPress Statuses, please upgrade PublishPress Permissions Pro to version 4.0-beta8 or higher.

    To use PublishPress Statuses, please upgrade PublishPress Capabilities Pro to version 2.11-beta2 or higher.”

    1. Hey Ivan. Yes, that’s true sadly. It needs to be installed by itself for now. As soon as approves the plugin, we can update our other plugins to be compatible. We’re between a rock and a hard place until that approval.

  2. Sorry, are you saying we can’t use any other publishpress plugins alongside this? We can’t have access to the beta releases of the other plugins?

    1. Hi Rajive. Sure, we can do that. Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll make it work.

      Waiting for approval is not much fun normally, but it’s an extra headache here because Statues will integrate with our other plugins. There’s no easy way to handle this before the approval.

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