PublishPress 1.20.8 is Available With Notification Improvements

PublishPress 1.20.8 is available now, along with updates for two PublishPress add-ons. PublishPress is the ideal plugin if you want to schedule content in WordPress.

The most notable new feature is an improvement to shortcodes in PublishPress notifications. You can now include post metadata inside your notifications,

Metadata in notifications

Previously, PublishPress allowed you to use relatively simple shortcodes such as this one to show the Post title:

[psppno_post title]

This next shortcode can show the URL for a post:

[psppno_post permalink]

Now it's possible to create more advanced shortcodes that include WordPress metadata in your notifications. This allows you to share much more data from your WordPress content.

For example, we have Easy Digital Downloads on our site and one notification looks like the image below. We use this to send out Slack notifications when new versions of plugins are uploaded to Easy Digital Downloads.

Here's how this notification appears in our Slack channel:

We use this following shortcode to show the version number of Easy Digital Download products:

[psppno_post meta:_smartest_currentversion]

This shortcode shows the data of the new update. In this case, we used meta-date because the information is stored in a date string.

[psppno_post meta-date:_smartest_lastupdate]

How to find metadata for notifications

You can find the metadata for these shortcodes in the _postmeta table.

For example, if you're really focused on SEO, you can include the Yoast SEO metadata for each post in your notifications. Here's some of the Yoast SEO data for a single post:

A Notification example with Yoast SEO

Here's how you can include the Yoast SEO title in each notification:

[psppno_post meta:_yoast_wpseo_title]

Here's how you can include the Yoast SEO Content Score in each notification:

[psppno_post meta:_yoast_wpseo_content_score]

Here's how you can include the Yoast SEO meta description in each notification:

[psppno_post meta:_yoast_wpseo_metadesc]

Let me show you an example of how this works in practice. We created a notification that looks like this:

Now every time a post is published on our site, we get a notification that looks like this:

We've shown you how to use metadata notifications for Easy Digital Downloads and Yoast SEO but this should work with many other plugins. If you put this metadata feature to use, we'd love to hear about it: [email protected].

Changelog details

If you want to see detailed changelogs for this updates, follow the links below:

You can access all the changelogs here.


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