Easily Add Multiple Authors to Any WordPress Post

Update: this plugin is now called PublishPress Authors.

The slogan of PublishPress is “Professional Publishing Tools for WordPress”.

This week's new add-on is the perfect example of what that slogan means.

By default, WordPress allows you to set only one author for your posts. But, many teams write content together. The Multiple Authors add-on allows you to assign multiple authors to one content item.

This image shows a post that's using the Multiple Authors add-on:

You can also display the author information in several easy ways, with no need to hack your template files:

  • At the bottom of your content
  • In a widget
  • Via a shortcode

Here's an image showing the Multiple Authors widget in action:

And yes, if you want to do things manually, there are filters and actions available so you can add the Multiple Authors output to your template files.

The Multiple Authors add-on is based on the Co-Authors Plus plugin, but has been substantially re-written. The codebase is up-to-date for 2017 and we've added several features to make the add-on much easier to use.


If you are part of a WordPress team, give PublishPress and the Multiple Authors add-on a try.

In addition to Multiple Authors, you'll also get:

WordPress for Teams. That's the goal.

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  • Steve Burge

    Steve is the founder of PublishPress. He's been working with open source software for over 20 years. Originally from the UK, he now lives in Sarasota in the USA. This profile is generated by the PublishPress Authors plugin.

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  1. It’s really an informative article. I was not aware of how to add multiple authors to any WordPress post. Your article gave a good solution for the same. I think it can be really helpful in some circumstances where many authors co-write any article/thesis/note.

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