Say Hello to the Content Checklist for WordPress

Update: this plugin is now called PublishPress Checklists.

The slogan of PublishPress is “Professional Publishing Tools for WordPress”.

Before you publish WordPress posts, do your authors have things you always check for?

  • A minimum number of words?
  • Yoast SEO green check marks for SEO and readability?
  • A certain number of categories and tags?
  • A featured image?

These checks are really useful if you publish a lot of content. Without a checklist like this, it can be hard to make sure all your content has the features you need.

Today, we're releasing an add-on to PublishPress that helps you with these checks.

The “Content Checklist” add-on is perfect for anyone who wants to create a consistent experience with their WordPress content.

Using the PublishPress Content Checklist, you can define tasks that must be complete before content is published.

Click here to get the Content Checklist add-on

How the Checklist works

Next to every post and page, writers will see a checklist box, showing the tasks they need to complete. Tasks can be either be recommended or required.

As writers complete each item, the red text automatically turns to green. The image below shows the WordPress checklist on a post:

WordPress Checklist

Different approval options

Each item on the WordPress checklist can be configured to meet your site's needs. There are three options that you can choose:

  • Prevent publishing: The writer will see a warning message in a modal, and they won't be able to publish.
  • Show a pop-up message: The writer will see a warning message in a modal, but they won't be stopped from publishing.
  • Show a sidebar message: All the writer will see is the checklist in the sidebar. They won't be stopped from publishing.

Here's a screenshot of the pop-up message telling them what they need to do:

More checklist items arriving soon

The Checklist feature has just launched. Over the next few weeks we're going to be adding many more items, including these:

  • Maximum values for words, tags and categories
  • Make sure the Excerpt is filled in.
  • Yoast SEO integration. Why not ensure you have the green checkmark before publishing?
  • Check for the correct spelling of certain names, such as “WordPress” or your brand name.
  • Scan for broken links.
  • Check for a certain number of internal links.
  • Look for missing alt tags and title tags.
  • Force a certain size for featured images. This is great for themes that need images to be a certain height and width.
  • Avoid using certain HTML tags, such as H1, H4 and even color or marquee tags!

If you have any features you'd like to see in the checklist, please let us know!

Click here to get the Content Checklist.


If you are part of a WordPress team, give PublishPress a try.

In addition to a WooCommerce Checklist, you'll also get:

WordPress for Teams. That's the goal.

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