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Clean Up the WordPress Admin Area With PublishPress Capabilities

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One thing we often hear from new WordPress users is that the interface is noisy. Especially once you have a few plugins installed, it's easy for the admin area to become overwhelmed with notifications, messages, links, alerts, and widgets.

We're on a mission to solve that with PublishPress Capabilities. We want to bring simplicity back to the WordPress admin.

PublishPress Capabilities 2.3 is available now, and it has a new screen called “Admin Features” which help you clean up the admin area.

In this first release, “Admin Features” allows you to control access to two key features:

This image below shows you where those two features are in the WordPress admin area:

23 Changes
23 Changes

This is available in both the Free and Pro versions of PublishPress Capabilities. Inside the plugin, you'll find an “Admin Features” menu link:

Admin Features
Admin Features

On this screen, you'll be able to choose which features to hide for different user roles:

  • There is a role selection dropdown in the top-left corner.
  • Scroll down the screen, and you can place a red X for every feature you want to hide.
Admin Features Screen 1
Admin Features Screen 1

Let's show you some examples of what “Admin Features” can do.

In the screenshot below, I've added a red X to the boxes that include “WordPress Logo” and “Visit Site”.

Admin Toolbar Restrictions

If these settings are saved, this next screenshot shows what we'll see in the toolbar. Only the “Comments” and “New” links remain.

Admin Toolbar Restrictions In Place
Admin Toolbar Restrictions In Place

We can also take a look at another option in “Admin Features” which allows you to hide . In this screenshot below, all the have red Xs.

Hide Widgets
Hide Widgets

The settings in the screenshot below will produce this on your . All your dashboard widgets are hidden.

Empty Dashboard
Empty Dashboard

What comes next?

In the next release of PublishPress Capabilities, this feature will be expanded in at least three ways:

  • You will be able can hide any element in the WordPress admin area. If you enter a CSS class or ID, then PublishPress Capabilities will hide it.
  • You can block user roles from accessing specific URLs.
  • You will be able to hide other items in the admin area such as “” or “Thank you for creating with WordPress”.

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