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What is a Post Status in WordPress?

Have you ever wondered what “Draft” or “Pending Review” mean when you’re writing a WordPress post? These are called “post statuses”. In this guide, I’m going to introduce you to “Draft”, “Pending Review” and the other post statuses that are available for WordPress posts. These statuses control whether WordPress posts are visible to the entire…

WordPress MultiSite Capabilities Are Different From Single Sites

WordPress allows you to build multisite networks. This is an awesome feature and enables you to manage many sites from a single WordPress installation. However, some WordPress features do work differently on a multisite network. If you normally manage a single site, you may have to adjust your thinking. One of these features is permissions….

PublishPress Capabilities Can Clean Up Your Post Editing Screens

If I had to pick a word to describe my experience with large WordPress sites, it’s “overwhelming”. There are so many admin notices, plugin alerts, review requests, and other demands for your attention. In the post editor, and particularly in Gutenberg, there are a ton of sidebar, tabs, settings, metaboxes, and configuration options.

PublishPress Series Has New Screen for Publishing Series

PublishPress Series is the best way to manage newspaper and magazine issues in WordPress. To help more users, we’ve just moved one of the most useful features from the Pro version to the Free version. All users of PublishPress Series now have access to the “Publish Series” screen. This is available under the “Posts” link…

Clean Up the WordPress Admin Area With PublishPress Capabilities

One thing we often hear from new WordPress users is that the interface is noisy. Especially once you have a few plugins installed, it’s easy for the admin area to become overwhelmed with notifications, messages, links, alerts, and widgets. We’re on a mission to solve that with PublishPress Capabilities. We want to bring simplicity back…