PublishPress Capabilities Has Improved Backup and Restore Features

Changing permissions in WordPress can be a tricky task. It's possible to lock yourself or others out of some important features.

So, we've built a way to keep your site safe.

Every time you change your permissions, the PublishPress Capabilities plugin will automatically create a backup. If you make a mistake, go to the “Backup” menu link and you'll be able to roll back to a previous version.

Version 1.10 of the plugin is now available and it improves these backup options. Here's an overview of what's new in 1.10:

The improved backup and restore features

We've redesigned the backup area so that it's easier to use.

There's a new “Restore” tab where you can browse through the most recent 20 automatic backups. You will also see a backup that was created when you first installed PublishPress Capabilities. And you can click the “Backup” tab to manually create a backup.

Backup Choices
Backup Choices

If you select any backup, the plugin will show you the changes compared to your current setup. In the image below, several permissions are marked in red: these will be removed if you restore this backup.

Changes From Current Role
Changes From Current Role

We hope these changes will make it easier to use PublishPress Capabilities with confidence. If anything goes wrong with your site's permissions, it's now easy and safe to undo your changes. Click here for full documentation on this backup and restore feature.

Gutenberg integration

You can now control who is able to change profiles in the Advanced Gutenberg plugin. This is a feature that allows you to control access to certain Gutenberg blocks for some users or WordPress roles. For example, you can disable all the embed blocks for Contributors, or remove all the layout blocks for Authors.

Gutenberg Profile Permissions
Gutenberg Profile Permissions

Details on Version 1.10 of PublishPress Capabilities

The Free version of Capabilities is available on Click here for the changelog.

The Pro version of Capabilities is available here on Click here for the changelog.

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