PublishPress Authors Now Supports Divi, Elementor, Yoast and More

Some of the PublishPress plugins have existed for more than 10 years. For example, the PublishPress Revisions plugin was launched back in 2009!

In contrast, the PublishPress Authors plugin is very new. It only launched on in 2020.

However, Authors is quickly becoming popular. We've had a flood of compatibility requests:

  • “Can you integrate it to work with Yoast SEO?”
  • “Can Authors work with the Divi theme?”
  • “How do I add Authors to Elementor?”

This week, we've released an update for Authors that makes the plugin compatible with far more sites. If you want to add multiple authors and guest authors to WordPress posts, the Authors plugin is now more reliable than ever.

Here's an overview of what's new in PublishPress Authors 3.3.0:

Support for Elementor and Divi and more themes

PublishPress Authors did have some support for Elementor and Divi themes. In this release, we've made sure that the plugin also works smoothly inside the layout builder for these themes.

In the image below, we're using the “Authors” widget” to place the author profiles into the Elementor layout builder. Click here for more details on Elementor and Authors.

Elementor Widget
Elementor Widget

In this next image, we have placed the author profiles into the Divi layout builder. Because of the nature of Divi, this integration has a few more steps, but it works smoothly. Click here for the full details on Divi integration.

Divi Authors
Divi Authors

Over the last few months, we've also created child themes to improve support for some popular WordPress themes. This page now has a list of all those starter child themes.

Better Yoast SEO Support

We had several reports of author pages producing 404 errors. It turns out those errors were caused by old versions of Yoast SEO.

We fixed those errors, although we still recommend you keep your plugins up-to-date 🙂

We took the opportunity to improve our integration with Yoast. For example, all your authors will now load the correct schema from your Yoast settings.

Author Pages Are Easier to Find

Some people reported that it was hard to find the URLs for authors, so we added links to the main “Authors” screen:

Author Url Links
Author Url Links

Most Customizable Post Layout Options

For developers, there are more goodies in the PublishPress Authors code.

This new guide lists all the conditionals available. We've added a new post variable in this release, which contains the current post in the query. This can be used to create different author layouts based on the post type, post status, or other post data.

Here are some examples of different layout conditionals. These three allow you to create a unique author layout for a custom post type, for published content, or for a single post whose ID is 2.

{% if post.post_type == 'my-custom-post-type' %}

{% if post.post_status == 'publish' %}

{% if post.ID == 2 %}

Thanks for all your help

Thanks to everyone who sent in feedback on PublishPress Authors over the last few weeks. You helped us find a lot of edge cases, and as a result, a lot more people can use the Authors plugin on their sites.

PublishPress Authors is moving forward quickly. If you haven't tried it yet, download the Pro version from your account, or grab the free version from

PublishPress Authors is the best way to add multiple authors and guest authors to WordPress content.


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  1. To be fair, I wouldn’t call adding a WordPress widget that happens to be accessible in Elementor (like all WordPress widgets) as an ‘integration’ with Elementor

    1. Maybe I should have explained that better. We’ve added Elementor-specific code so that the Author widget keeps it’s shape when loaded in Elementor.

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