PublishPress 1.20 Has Small Improvements and Bug-Fixes

Over the last week, we've put out a couple of PublishPress releases, moving up to version 1.20.4. PublishPress is the ideal plugin if you want to schedule content in WordPress.

These releases had a series of small improvements and bug-fixes. Let me give you an overview of what's changed …

Time Improvements

The main Calendar screen in PublishPress now shows the time that content was (or will be) published. This next image shows how the time appears on the Calendar:

Some users mentioned that they don't need the time to show for content in “Draft”, “Pending Review” and other statuses where the publication date isn't set. We've updated PublishPress so that the time will only show for Published or Scheduled content.

Notifications Fix for Big Sites

Some users reported that notification screens were loading slowly for big sites with many taxonomy terms.

Localhost Fix for Windows Users

Some Windows users reported issues with PublishPress not loading CSS and JS files correctly. This was a forward slash vs back slash problem and should be fixed now.

Thanks for using PublishPress

We really appreciate all of you who use PublishPress.

If you want the full changelog, it's available at

If you have any questions, please get in touch.


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