The PublishPress Calendar Now Allows You To See Times and Authors

PublishPress 1.20.0 is available now and it has several useful improvements to the calendar and notifications.

Here's a quick rundown of the new features you'll see in PublishPress 1.20:

Show the Time on the Calendar

The PublishPress calendar can now show the time for content on your calendar. This will show you when Posts are scheduled or when they were published. Quite a few PublishPress users have time-sensitive content and want to make sure their content is scheduled for exactly the right time.

You can configure or disable the time display.

Go to PublishPress > Settings > Calendar and you can control the display of the Calendar time:

Create the Author on the Calendar

When you create content directly from the PublishPress calendar, you can now choose the author of the content:

Notifications allow you to target “New” content

Some PublishPress users mentioned that they weren't getting notifications for entirely new content.

That can now be fixed by selecting the “New” status for notifications.

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