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How to Add a Summary / Table of Contents Block in Gutenberg

Table Of Contents 1

If the posts in your site have multiple text sections and multiple headings, it makes sense to have a table of contents detailing the structure of your information. This makes it easy to navigate through the post with the help of a navigation menu.

The Summary Block in PublishPress Blocks provides this functionality through a list of links, each one pointing to the corresponding heading of the post. 

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How to Create a WordPress Table of Contents for a Post

Table Of Contents

If you write really long articles in WordPress, it can very helpful to have a table of contents at the top of the post.

This table of contents is as a quick summary so readers can scan the content and perhaps jump down to a topic they're really interested in.

In this post, I'll show you two ways to add a table of contents to your WordPress site. The first method will use the new Gutenberg editor. The second method will use the old Classic Editor.

Oh, and if you want a live demo of what we're taking about, check out this table of contents. We generated it for this post, using Method #1:

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