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WordPress Authors and Comments on Their Posts

Comments Authors

We had a question this week from a PublishPress customer who wanted to understand the relationship between authors and their WordPress posts. They wanted to know if authors could see – or perhaps even manage – comments on other people's posts.

This tutorial is a guide to understanding the control that users have over comments on posts they have written. You can also follow this link if you want a guide to moderating comments in WordPress.

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How to Control Access to Post Expirator

Post Expirator Control

In May 2021, we took over running the Post Expirator plugin.

Post Expirator allows you to choose an expiry date for WordPress posts. When your post is automatically unpublished, you can delete the post, change the status, or update the post categories.

Until now, these features were available to anyone with post editing access. However, it's clear that some sites need the ability to restrict access to Post Expirator. That's now possible in version 2.6.0.

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We’ve Adopted the Organize Series Plugin

Organize Series

Today, I’m delighted to announce that we’ve adopted the “Organize Series” plugin and extensions.

“Organize Series” is a plugin that allows you to group content together into a series. This is ideal for magazines, newspapers, short-story writers, teachers, comic artists, or anyone who writes multiple posts on the same topic.

The plugin aligns perfectly with our goal at PublishPress which is to help WordPress publishers succeed. It's the ninth plugin available here at PublishPress.

The Organize Series plugin is free to download at WordPress.org, and there are also seven extensions that provide extra features.

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How to Add Tags and Categories to WordPress Pages

Tags Categories Page

Categories and Tags are the main ways you can organize WordPress content. However, on a normal WordPress site, both Categories and Tags are only available for Posts. This means that you can't organize your Pages, unless you use the Parent/Child setup.

You also can't perform some useful tasks with PublishPress plugins. For example, you could use Categories to control who can read certain Pages, or could force users to create Pages with a specific Category.

The solution to this problem is a plugin such as TaxoPress. This plugin allows to add Tags and/or Categories to Pages. You can also show both Post and Pages together, if they share a taxonomy term.

Follow along with this guide and I'll show you how to organize your WordPress Pages.

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What’s new in PublishPress Authors 3.6

Authors 36

PublishPress Authors is the best plugin for adding many authors to one WordPress post. You can create multiple authors, co-authors and guest authors.

There's new update available for both the Free and Pro versions.

Authors 3.6.0 has a mix of new features and bug-fixes. You can now use the “Quick Edit” feature to select authors. Plus there are improvements to plugin's permissions, migrations, and speed.

Let me give you a rundown of what's new in this release …

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PublishPress Authors 3 is Live!

Say hello to “PublishPress Authors“, the newest plugin in the PublishPress family.

By default, WordPress only allows you to add one author to each post.

Multiple Authors is a plugin that allows you to add as many authors as you want. This is really useful for teams who work together on content.

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