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At the end of every year, the PublishPress team write a review of what happened in the previous year. We include our successes, mistakes and our roadmap for the next year.

PublishPress 2021 Review and Thank You

2021 Review

In 2018, we launched PublishPress.com as a side-project. In 2019, PublishPress was growing quickly and we began to see it as a project with real potential. So at the end of that year, we started to write year-end reviews. You can read previous reviews for 2019 and 2020.

  • These reviews are for our customers. Thank you for all your investment in our work. I hope the reviews help you get a better understanding of our vision for these plugins.
  • The reviews are for business owners. We try to be honest about the ups-and-downs in the hope that you can avoid some of the mistakes we've made!
  • And finally, the reviews are for us. We pour many hours of our lives into building these plugins. It's easy to forget key incidents as you do the daily work. And as the years go by, it's great to look back on these reviews and remember the rollercoaster ride.

Here's our recap of key events for PublishPress in 2021.

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PublishPress 2020: The Year Everything Doubled

Publishpress 2020

Phew! 2020 is over. That was intense.

2020 was a difficult personal year for many of our team, with family members passing away, losing jobs, and enduring hard times.

Fortunately, the PublishPress business was a bright spot this year. Our team (Anderson, Kevin, Valentin, and myself) rallied together. And our customers were great – I feel like I should be adding many of your names here also.

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What changed at PublishPress in 2019

This was a busy year here at PublishPress.

I wanted to take a moment to explain what happened at PublishPress in 2019. There were major changes this year that will probably require you to update your site, if you have been using our plugins for some time.

What happened at PublishPress in 2019?

Our goal is to create powerful publishing plugins for WordPress.

To reach that goal, we made a big acquisition that has taken us some time to absorb. One thing we did to absorb the new plugins was a change the way our plugins were structured.

At the beginning of 2019, everything was an add-on to the main PublishPress plugin. At the end of 2019, we have six separate plugins.

This post explained why we made that change.

PublishPress at the end of 2019

We now have 6 plugins. Each plugin has a Free and Pro version. Every Free version is on WordPress.org and every Pro version is behind the paywall for PublishPress members.

This image shows those six plugins:

The PublishPRess roadmap

Here's a quick overview of those six plugins:

  1. PublishPress: Plan and schedule your content using calendar and notifications.
  2. PublishPress Capabilities: Modify the default permissions in the WordPress core and other plugins.
  3. PublishPress Permissions: Advanced permissions way beyond what's possible with the WordPress core.
  4. PublishPress Revisions: Submit and moderate WordPress revisions.
  5. PublishPress Authors: Add as many authors as you want to any WordPress content.
  6. PublishPress Checklists: Set requirements before content is published on your site.

Some plugins have new names

During 2019, we also renamed some plugins. The goal was to create a product line up that’s consistent and easy to understand:

The 2020 roadmap

The 2019 roadmap is now complete!

Our focus is now to improve these six plugins. Our 2020 roadmap is “Integrate and Improve”. All our plugins will integrate smoothly. You will have a consistent and trustworthy experience, no matter which PublishPress plugins you use.

I hope this helps you understand what you can expect from your PublishPress membership. We truly believe this roadmap will provide you with a suite of powerful publishing plugins for WordPress.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments or email us.

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