How to Create a WooCommerce Checklist for Products

If you have a lot of products on your WooCommerce site, it can be difficult to create consistent, high-quality product pages. With a lot of settings, its easy to forget something.

To make sure that all your WooCommerce pages meet your standards, we recommend the PublishPress Checklists plugin.

Steps to Create a WooCommerce Checklist

  • Install the PublishPress Checklists plugin.
  • Go to “Checklists” then “Settings”.
  • The checklist doesn’t appear on WooCommerce by default. You need to select the “Products” post type for use with the Checklist:
Add a checklist to WooCommerce Products
  • Check the “Product” post type box.
  • You can now choose all of your requirements for each WooCommerce product. You can choose the number of categories, tags, and words. You can decide which boxes people need to check.
Checklist requirements for WooCommmerce products

Each requirement has four different options:

  • Disabled: Ignore this requirement entirely.
  • Show a sidebar message (default): This simply shows the recommendation in the sidebar when writing a WordPress post.
  • Show a pop-up message: This will display a pop-up with a warning message, but users can still publish.
  • Prevent publishing: Users won’t be able to publish if this is not complete.
Choosing requirement levels for WooCommerce products
  • Save the checklist page.
  • Go to edit a WooCommerce product, and check the new box in the right sidebar. Requirements that are complete have a green check. Requirement that are incomplete have a red X.
Pre-publishing checklist next to WooCommerce products

If anyone does try to publish a product on your site without meeting your requirements, they'll see a message like this:

As the store owner, you can make sure that every product has a price, a title and categories. You can make sure that all your products are marked as “Downloadable” or “Virtual”.

You can set a maximum and maximum number of words in WordPress for WooCommerce product descriptions.

You can enforce a minimum and maximum number of tags and categories for products.

If you want to, you can even create your own rules for your checklists.

On a busy site, the PublishPress Checklists plugin can save you from making expensive data-entry mistakes.

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