Add Any Rules You Want to the Content Checklist

The slogan of PublishPress is “Professional Publishing Tools for WordPress”.

The PublishPress Checklists plugin is a really useful add-on for any team that cares about their WordPress content.

With PublishPress Checklists, you can ask your writers to follow some default rules. For example, you can make your writers use a certain number of words, add a featured image, or use the excerpt box.

However, we heard from many Checklist users that you wanted to create your own rules. Good news: that's now possible in version 1.2, which was released today!

Here's how the set-up screen looks like inside the plugin. You can click “Add custom item” to create as many rules as you want.

When your writers login, they'll see the extra rules on their pre-publishing checklist.

The writers can click on each custom rule to say that they've completed the task:

Hide the Publish button

In the latest release of Checklists, you can now hide the “Publish” button until all the tasks are complete.

When your writers login, they won't automatically see the “Publish” button. This image below shows what they will see:

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