Show the PublishPress Permissions Metabox For A User Role

In a previous blog post, we talked about hiding the Permissions metabox for a specific user role. Now we will talk about the opposite: showing the PublishPress Permissions metabox for a specific user role.

In this case, we will take an example of the Editor role. By default, the Editor role only gets access to the “read” Permissions metabox, as in the screenshot below. By default, Editors don't have access to the “edit” or “assign” Permissions metaboxes.

If you want to show the “edit” and “assign” Permissions metaboxes for Editors, you will need to install the PublishPress Capabilities plugin. With PublishPress Capabilities, you can control the capabilities for each user role.

In this case, you will need to enable two capabilities:

  • edit users: This capability is inside the Users tab.

If you have enabled those two capabilities, you can try to log in and test the Editor role. Our user testing feature can help with this. You will see something like the screenshot below. The Editor can now see all the metaboxes.

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