Hide the PublishPress Permissions Metabox For A User Role

The PublishPress Permissions plugin allows you to customize who can read and edit individual items in WordPress.

You can control user access using a metabox. This metabox can control access to Posts, Pages, Categories, Media and more. Click here for more details on this feature.

We had a question this week from a user who wants to hide the metabox from a specific user role. The Permissions metabox looks like the screenshot below; and in this guide, we'll show you how to hide it for user roles.

PublishPress Permissions metabox

How to Hide the Permissions Metabox 

You can hide the PublishPress Permissions metabox using the PublishPress Capabilities plugin.

  • After you install the PublishPress Capabilities plugin, go to the “Capabilities” menu.
  • Choose your role in the top left dropdown menu.
  • Select “PublishPress Permissions”.
  • Find the capabilities in the screenshot below. These capabilities control the Permissions metabox. In this example, I am hiding the metabox for the “Author” role. X means “Capability denied, even if granted by another role”. You can read more about checkboxes here.
PublishPress Permissions capabilities

When a user in the Author role goes to create a post, they will no longer see the Permissions metabox. For comparison, this screenshot is how the post screen normally appears for Authors:

PublishPress Permissions metabox is visible

This screenshot below is how the post screen looks after we hide the Permissions metabox. As you can see, it’s much cleaner, and your author is not able to change who can access the post.

PublishPress Permissions metabox is hidden
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