The Revisionary plugin is (almost) completely ready for Gutenberg

About one month ago, we relaunched Revisionary, the plugin for managing, scheduling and moderating WordPress revisions.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been hard at work updating Revisionary to work with the Gutenberg editor. I’m happy to say we’re almost there.

Version 1.3 of Revisionary is available now with Gutenberg compatibility for many features.

Revisionary for low-level users

When you use Revisionary as someone who is only to submit revisions, you’ll see the button shown below. Normally, this applies to members of the “Revisor” role, which Revisionary makes available.

Revisionary for high-level users

If you are an Administrator or Editor, you can schedule the revision to be published later. You do this using the core “Publish” date option in Gutenberg. The button in the top-right corner will change to say “Schedule Revision”.

After submitting or scheduling a revision, you’ll have the option to:

  • Preview the revision.
  • Edit revision content or publication date in “Revisions Manager”.
  • Go to the “Edit Posts” screen.

If you preview a revision, and have enough permissions, you’ll see a message across the top of the page: “Publish this Pending Revision now”. Click that link and the revision will go live.

Other Revisionary features

Almost all of the main Revisionary features are ready for Gutenberg. For example, the Revisionary metaboxes use Gutenberg’s styling:

You’ll also find that you can safely use Revisionary’s revision management with Gutenberg. This screenshot shows you how you can compare two versions of a Gutenberg post:

What isn’t ready for Gutenberg?

The only major Revisionary feature that is not integrated with Gutenberg is the Revisions Manager. This part of the plugin still uses the Classic Editor. It is used to compare revision differences, manually edit revision content or change the scheduled publication date.

If you edit a Gutenberg post in the Classic Editor, then 95% of the time, nothing will be break. However, a note of caution: some Gutenberg-specific features (particularly from 3rd party plugins) may not be backwards compatible with the Classic Editor.

Our next major Revisionary update will bring full Gutenberg support on this Revisions Manager screen.

New Feature: Update the Publish Date

This is a new option in the latest Revisionary relese: scheduled Revisions will now also the update publishing date.

So if you schedule a revision to go live on July 21, 2019, the publishing date will automatically update to July 21, 2019.

You can disable this behavior. Go to Settings > Revisionary and uncheck the “Update Publish Date” box.

New Feature: Publishing Soon

Another new feature in this release is that Scheduled Revisions of any post type are now listed in the Activity dashboard widget’s “Publishing Soon” list:

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