Revisionary 1.2.7 Improves WordPress Multisite Support

Update: In October 2019, Revisionary was rebranded to PublishPress Revisions.

Revisionary is the best plugin for managing revisions in WordPress.

The latest release of Revisionary improves support for multisite networks. All of our plugins have good multisite support including PublishPress Capabilities.

The Revisionary plugin for WordPress

We fixed “Pending Revision” notifications on Multisite installations. In previous versions the settings weren't being saved correctly.

We also fixed a related error: If Revisionary was network-activated, the Revisionary settings screens became unavailable.

The third multisite fix was for problem that occured if Revisionary was not network-activated. In that situation, the Revisionary settings screen was ineffective.

Revisionary 1.2.7 has more fixes too, but we wanted to let you know that Revisionary works fine on WordPress multiisites. If you find anything that needs fixing, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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