PublishPress Blocks Pro is Now Available

PublishPress Blocks is a plugin that adds over 20 extra blocks to the Gutenberg interface, along with custom layouts, CSS styles, and permissions for blocks.

There are many Gutenberg plugins available, but PublishPress Blocks is different. This plugin has a strong focus on being useful for publishers and content creators.

If you want to see an example of this content focus, check out the Content Display block. This really is the best way to show your content in a block.

We're delighted to say there is now a Pro version of PublishPress Blocks available. You can download this today if you are a Business, Agency, or Unlimited customer here at PublishPress. You can also purchase PublishPress Blocks Pro only.

The first major new feature is the Countdown Block. With this block, you can create a highly customizable countdown to an event.

I've added a live preview of the countdown block below. Click here to see the documentation for the Countdown block.

The PublishPress Team Meetup

August 3, 1:00 pm

This is the best event of the year for the PublishPress team. All our staff get together and have a great time.


What's next for PublishPress Blocks?

Here's a preview of the roadmap for the PublishPress Blocks plugin:

  • Content Display block: You'll be able to automatically adjust image sizes so that your displays always have matching images.
  • Pricing Table block: This new feature will use nested blocks so you can use other blocks inside the table. It will be based on the powerful Advanced Table and Advanced Button blocks. This will be a Pro feature.
  • Permissions: You will be able to control who sees each block. For example, you can create an “Advertising” block and hide it from logged in users. This will be a Free feature.

If you have any feature requests for PublishPress Blocks, please let us know in the comments below:

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