PublishPress 3.0 is Now Available With Improved Notifications

Version 3.0 of the PublishPress plugin is now available.

This release focuses on improving the Notifications feature. You'll find that the Notifications are now more stable, and the Notifications Log is more useful.

There is an extra reason that we labeled this as “3.0” rather than simply continuing to “2.5”. There are some relatively minor breaking changes in this version.

We hope that the improvements in 3.0 are worth those changes.

Improved Notifications

After updating to PublishPress 3.0, go to PublishPress > Notifications Log and you'll see a lot more information about every notification.

Our aim is to make it much easier for you to see who is getting updates from your site.

This first screenshot shows the old version of the Notifications Log:

Old Log
Old Log

And this second screenshot shows the new version of the log:

New Notifications
New Notifications

Here's an overview of just some of the new information in the log:

  • The name of workflow that was used.
  • Specific details of exactly what changed and who changed it.
  • More information on the post that was updated.
  • Extra details on the user who was notified.
  • Click on the eye icon for a preview of thee notification.
  • Improved error messages for all failed notifications.

Slack Notifications

PublishPress Pro allows you to send notifications by Slack.

With version 3.0, you can now include extra information. Previously, your Slack messages only contained a fix amount of information. Now the Slack messages can display all the content added in notification.

With 3.0, you can also include mentions for Slack users inside the notifications.

New Theme
New Theme

Content Overview

Version 3.0 also improves the Content Overview screen.

The columns are this screen are now sortable. Plus, there's a new post type filter so you can see any content on your site:

Content Overview Fixes
Content Overview Fixes

Breaking Changes and Refactoring

Here are the breaking changes in 3.0:

  • The notification log will be emptied, so you'll lose some old data.
  • Currently scheduled future notifications will be lost.

Under the hood, there's a lot of new and improved code in 3.0. If you have any custom integrations with PublishPress, I would recommend reading the changelog.

Give PublishPress a try. The Pro version notifications allow you to remind users before content is published. You can also remind them after publication: for example, you can prompt them to share the post on social media.

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