Get Your WordPress Authors to Share More on Social Media

A few weeks ago, we published a guide showing how to send reminders to authors before their content was published.

One PublishPress user (thanks Andy McIlwain!)  told us about their interesting twist on this technique. 

They send reminders to authors AFTER their content was published. And they also give them pre-filled social media links. All the authors need to do is click the links and they can share the post on social media.

Here's how the content of their PublishPress notification looks:

PublishPress notification with social links

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to set up similar notifications on your site.

First, follow the setup guide I linked to above. That will show you how to create the notification. The only change to make is selecting “After the content is published”. This image below shows how your notification should look:

Creating a PublishPress social notification

Now we get to the main content of the notification.

There are sites that can help you generate social media sharing links. The one I used for this tutorial is

Here's an example of a Twitter link you can use:[psppno_post_title]%20[psppno_post permalink]%20via%20%40PublishPresscom

Remember that [psppno_post_title] represents the title of the post and [psppno_post permalink] represents the permalink. So if you clicked the Twitter link for this post, you'd see a box like this:

Tweeting a WordPress post

Isn't that easy? All the author needs to do is click “Tweet” to complete the process.

You can do the same thing for Facebook also. Here's an example of a Facebook link you can use:[psppno_post permalink]

The Facebook link is much simpler. You can't include the title or a link to your own account. But if your author clicks the link, it will still be an easy process to share the post. This image shows what they will see:

Sharing a WordPress post on Facebook

Finally, let's look at an example from Linkedin. Here's a link you can use for sharing posts on Linkedin:[psppno_post permalink]&title=[psppno_post_title]&summary=&source=PublishPress

Here's what users will see when they share on Linkedin:

Sharing a WordPress post on Linkedin

Hopefully this tip will save your authors a few clicks. Send your authors a PublishPress notification after their content goes live, and make it easy for them to share it far and wide!

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments below.

Video guide to PublishPress Notifications

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