We’ve Adopted the Organize Series Plugin

Today, I’m delighted to announce that we’ve adopted the “Organize Series” plugin and extensions.

“Organize Series” is a plugin that allows you to group content together into a series. This is ideal for magazines, newspapers, short-story writers, teachers, comic artists, or anyone who writes multiple posts on the same topic.

The plugin aligns perfectly with our goal at PublishPress which is to help WordPress publishers succeed. It's the ninth plugin available here at PublishPress.

The Organize Series plugin is free to download at WordPress.org, and there are also seven extensions that provide extra features.

About Organize Series

Organize Series makes it easier for visitors to discover all the series you’ve written and also to find posts that are part of the same series. The plugin adds a new taxonomy called “series”. Each series can have its own name, description and icon.

Manage Series Page
Manage Series Page

Organize Series integrates closely with the WordPress core. You can manage series from inside each post and from the main “Posts” screen. You can also filter the “Posts” screen by series, and the plugin fully integrates with the “Quick Edit” feature.


On the frontend of your site, Organize Series makes it easy to showcase your series. The plugin will automatically add a metabox to posts that are a part of a series. You can also add the same display with a widget or shortcode.


There are also extensions to add features to Organize Series:

  1. Custom Post Type Support: Use Organize Series with any WordPress post-type.
  2. Shortcodes: A set of WordPress “shortcodes” that provide users a way to easily insert various series information into their posts.
  3. Multiples: Add a post to more than one series.
  4. All In One SEO Compat: Integration with the popular All In One SEO pack plugin.
  5. Extra Tokens: Provides additional tokens to use in the series options page for customizing series templates.
  6. Groups: Put series together in groups.
  7. Publisher: Easy bulk publishing of all posts in a series at once.

A “Donacquisition”, not an Acquisition

Darren Ethier has maintained Organize Series for 14 years, but was looking for a new owner after he joined Automattic.

Darren put out a call for interested parties in the Post Status Slack channel. We talked with Darren, and realized that his goals for the plugin aligned well with ours at PublishPress.

Darren asked us to make a charitable donation as part of the handover. We chose the American Journalism Project (TheAJP.org). Over 2,100 communities in the U.S. have lost their local newspaper since 2004. The AJP is trying to reverse that trend. It is a non-profit that is investing in local news. Their goal is to help grow newsrooms that hold the powerful accountable, combat disinformation, and deepen civic participation.

There has been a lot of talk in WordPress lately about acquisitions. But this handover wasn’t an acquisition – more of a “donacquisition”!

Timetable for Organize Series Users and PublishPress Customers

Starting this week, our team will be taking over support of Organize Series. We will start releasing updates and bug-fixes. The Free version of the plugin will remain free on WordPress.org with all the current features, plus some improvements. The current extensions will remain freely available on Github

We will be releasing a Pro version with updated versions of all the extensions. They will be rolled into one release to match the Free/Pro structure of our existing plugins.

Currently, most of the plugin details are available at OrganizeSeries.com but over the next few weeks, that information will all move over to this website.

Finally, in the next few weeks, the name of the plugin will change to “PublishPress Series”. The plugin will get it’s own new WordPress.org banner featuring the PublishPress penguins.

Update: Everything is now live. Check out these live examples of the Series plugin.

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    1. Hi Chris. Thanks for using Series.

      I’m not too familiar with the history, but a few years ago, Darren canceled all the memberships on his site and put the extensions on Github.

      Please feel free to contact us if you want to use the new Pro versions.

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