PublishPress 1.20.7 Has Calendar and Reminder Improvements

Version 1.20.7 of PublishPress is available today, along with updates for the PublishPress add-ons. PublishPress is the ideal plugin if you want to schedule content in WordPress.

Here's an overview of this week's releases:

Choose statuses as you create content on the Calendar

With each release, we're adding more features to the PublishPress Calendar screen so that you can create content faster. Now when you're creating content you can choose the “Status”:

As part of this new feature, if you choose either “Scheduled” or “Published” you'll also be able to choose the “Publish Time”:

Send reminders for the Publish Date on all statuses

Previous versions of the Reminders add-on allow you to send reminders for “Scheduled” content. This enables to you email authors and say, “Your content is scheduled for publication in 2 days”.

However, “Scheduled” isn't the only status where you can set a future “Publish” date. For example, you can choose a Publish date for “Draft” and “Pending Review” content. In this situation, the “Publish” date is more of an indicator of when the post should go live. Even a “Publish” date is set, the content won't publish automatically.

The Reminders add-on now allows you to send notifications based on the “Publish” date, no matter what the status:

Here's the use-case: you can create a post in the “Draft” status and assign an author. Then you can send a reminder to the author saying, “Your post is due to be published in 2 weeks. It is not set to publish automatically, so please let us know when it's ready to review.”

WPML Compatibility

WPML is a really popular plugin for multilingual WordPress sites. However, they are currently using an obsolete version of the Twig library and that caused compatibility problems with PublishPress. This week's new releases have a workaround so you can use WPML and PublishPress together.

A New Menu Icon

Finally, when you update PublishPress, you'll see a new “calendar” menu icon. This new icon is designed to clearly indicate that PublishPress is a plugin designed around a calendar.

New Release Details

You can access the changelogs here.

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