PublishPress 1.14 Plus Several Add-on Updates

PublishPress 1.14 is out and it contains a handful of bug-fixes. We've also released several add-on updates:

Detailed information on all these updates is available in the PublishPress changelogs.

The biggest updates are for Multiple Authors. About a month ago, we released Multiple Authors 2.0, which integrated all the features of Bylines. This week's release fixes all the bugs and conflicts that we found while migrating users over from Bylines. You can see the new Multiple Authors in the sidebar of this blog post!

Reminders is now more reliable in tracking the dates for your content. User Reminders to send emails before or after your content is scheduled. It's super-useful for keeping your team on track with useful notifications at every stage of the publishing process.

If you need any help with PublishPress or these add-on updates, we're always just an email away: [email protected].

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