Use Teasers to Promote Members-Only Content

PublishPress Permissions 3.8 is available now. The Pro version has major improvements to the “Teaser” feature, which allows you to promote restricted content.

You can choose messages to display for people who try to obtain your content but don't have access. In the image below, the regular title shows but the actual content of the post is hidden.

Using a Teaser to promote members-only content in WordPress

You can also choose to show the first few characters of each post, and then follow up with a message.

Using a Teaser with excerpt to promote members-only content in WordPress

There are many ways you can configure this teaser. You can customize all aspects of the text. You can redirect users to the login page when they access restricted content. You can hide private content from appearing in RSS feeds. You can show one message to anonymous users and another message to logged-in users.

You can even choose to apply the Teaser to files in your Media Library, not just posts, as in this screenshot below. This guide shows how to control access to media files.

Setting up a Teaser to promote members-only content in WordPress

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  1. Another great addition to Permissions Pro. Love the combos of excerpt or excerpt/first characters! This way we can use existing WP content but also show a decent one if it doesn’t exist on some posts so that the ‘teased’ guest gets the best result. 🙂

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