How to Use Different Statuses for Different WordPress Post Types

One PublishPress user asked us if it was possible to have different statuses for different WordPress post types.

This user wanted to have a customized workflow for each post type. For example, this is a possible approach they could use:

  • Posts can move between these statuses: Draft, Pitch, Assigned, Approved, Published.
  • Pages can move between these statuses: Pitch, In Progress, Published.

Yes, this is possible in WordPress. This guide will show to create different statuses per post type.

To get started, install these two plugins: PublishPress and PublishPress Permissions Pro. You will need the Pro version of Permissions as that has advanced features for statuses.

  • In your WordPress admin menu, Go to “Permissions”, then “Post Statuses”.
  • Click the “Edit” link under any status. In the image below, I'm going to customize the “In Progress” status.
Edit Post Status
Edit Post Status
  • You can scroll down and uncheck “All Types” in “Post Types” area.
  • Now you can select specific post types for this status. In the image below, the “In Progress” status will only be available on Pages.
Status For One Post Type
Status For One Post Type
  • Your “In Progress” status will now be available in the “Post Status” dropdown when you create new pages:
In Progress status in WordPress
In Progress

Here are some examples of workflows you can now create for specific post types:

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