How to See Your Pending Review Posts in WordPress

By default, WordPress does not allow you to see a list of your own “Pending Review” posts.

If you're not quite sure what “Pending Review” means in WordPress, read this guide to Pending Review vs Draft.

The inability to easily see the post you've submitted for review can be frustrating.

The image below shows the filters on top of the “Posts” screen in WordPress. As you can see, there are a lot of available filters. However, you can't use more than one of the top row of filters. You can either click “Mine” or you can click “Pending Review” … you can't choose both at the same time.

What's the solution to this? Try the PublishPress plugin.

After installing PublishPress, you'll see a “Content Overview” link in the admin menu:

On this “Content Overview” screen you can use a variety of different filters at the same time.

In this next image, I'm choosing the “Pending Review” status:

And in this image, I'm choosing my own user name:

It's as simple as that. Unlike the WordPress core, PublishPress allows you to choose multiple filters at the same time.

This option is available even for users in the low-level Contributor role (click here to see Contributor permissions). Even though Contributors aren't permitted to see most menu links in WordPress, they can see the Content Overview screen.

Try the PublishPress plugin for tons of useful features like this. Click here to see how to see your Drafts in WordPress.

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  1. Can PublishPress permit the viewing of Pending Review post in blog modules on a page, before it i published?

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