The Next PublishPress Add-on is Slack

Update: this feature is now part of PublishPress Pro.

Before this release, PublishPress could only send you email notifications whenever your team left a comment.

However, email is not enough in 2017. The most popular request we've had for PublishPress has been Slack integration.

Why not get notifications where you spend much of your workday: inside Slack? So, we're delighted to launch the Slack Integration for PublishPress.

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Do You Really Care About Your WordPress Content?

Yes? Then you know it's hard to create consistent, high-quality posts.

It's easy to change your approach from post to post, until you have a site full of messy content.

The answer is the Content Checklist add-on for PublishPress. This add-on allows you to set criteria that your writers should (or have to!) follow.

PublishPress is possibly the best editorial calendar in WordPress. It gets better with the add-ons. For example, we've just updated the Content Checklist add-on. The new version of the checklist allows you to set a maximum and minimum value for categories, tags and words. For example, you can now ask your users to write between 100 and 500 words, or add between 3 and 5 tags.

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Say Hello to the Content Checklist for WordPress

Update: this plugin is now called PublishPress Checklists.

The slogan of PublishPress is “Professional Publishing Tools for WordPress”.

Before you publish WordPress posts, do your authors have things you always check for?

  • A minimum number of words?
  • Yoast SEO green check marks for SEO and readability?
  • A certain number of categories and tags?
  • A featured image?

These checks are really useful if you publish a lot of content. Without a checklist like this, it can be hard to make sure all your content has the features you need.

Today, we're releasing an add-on to PublishPress that helps you with these checks.

The “Content Checklist” add-on is perfect for anyone who wants to create a consistent experience with their WordPress content.

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What’s On Your WordPress Pre-Publish Checklist?

Update: Our new and improved plugin is now live! The new plugin is PublishPress Checklists!

These tutorials will give more details on what PublishPress Checklists can do:

Before you publish WordPress posts, do you have things you always check for?

  • A minimum number of words?
  • Yoast SEO green check marks for SEO and readability?
  • A certain number of categories and tags?
  • A featured image?
  • Scan for broken links?

PublishPress is possibly the best editorial calendar in WordPress. To keep making it better, one of the things we're adding to PublishPress is a pre-publish checklist.

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Why Choose WordPress?

Introduction to WordPress

Are you looking for a website builder to build your own website? WordPress is one of the most powerful, user-friendly and flexible website builders in the world.

It powers 27% of all websites, including the New York Times, National Geographics and Forbes. And it is absolutely free.

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Say Hello to PublishPress

We've just released a new plugin called PublishPress.

The goal of PublishPress is to become an essential plugin for any WordPress site with multiple writers.

PublishPress gives you the tools to set up a custom publishing workflow. Here are just a few of the key features:

  • You can see all your scheduled posts in a single calendar view.
  • Inside WordPress, you can have collaborative discussions about each post.
  • Your team can choose custom post statuses, and get beyond simply “Draft” and “Pending Review”.
  • You can set requirements that must be met for content to published.

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Updating Your WordPress Website Made Easy

Keeping your WordPress version up-to-date is one of the most important tasks for any website owner.

The latest WordPress version means added security for your site and its visitors.

However, if you have never done it before, updating WP may be pretty intimidating.

Like any WordPress beginner, you probably ask yourself questions like this: 

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How to Harden Your WordPress Site Security

How to Harden You WordPress Based Site SecurityDid you ever ask yourself one of the following questions:
  • “What are the most common ways my WordPress site is attacked?”
  • “What is the biggest security threat to my WordPress site?”
  • “Do I have to do anything if a security issue has been found and WordPress announced a security release?”
  • “What steps can I take to ensure that my WordPress users create quality passwords for their accounts on my site?”

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Google Retires The Official AdSense for WordPress Plugin

Google recently announced that it will discontinue the official “AdSense for WordPress” plugin.

In the announcement, the Google stated that will focus on “innovative features like our automatic ad formats and other upcoming initiatives.”

What does that mean? Well, Google is now going to be recommending a solution called “Quickstart” for WordPress users.

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