New PublishPress Features for the New Year

Welcome to PublishPress in 2019.

To start 2019, we've released new versions of PublishPress and several add-ons.

The Multiple Authors add-on has new features. The Permissions, Content Checklist and Slack add-ons have bug-fixes.

You can now choose “No Author” for posts

One frequent request from PublishPress users has been the option to choose “No Author” for posts. By default, WordPress requires an author for every post, but sometimes this isn't ideal. Here are two use cases for “No Author”:

  • You can choose “No Author” to show that a post is waiting to be assigned to someone.
  • You can choose “No Author” to show that a post has been written anonymously.

We have a video and a text guide for this new feature. Here's the video first:

This feature does require the Multiple Authors add-on.

  • Go to PublishPress > Setting > Multiple Authors.
  • Check the box, “Remove author from new posts”:
No Author on WordPress posts

Inside each post, you can decide to leave the “Authors” metabox empty:

Leave Authors box empty

When you save the post, you'll see that the Authors column is empty:

WordPress Authors column is empty

The Permissions add-on supports this new feature. You can control who can edit posts with no author:

Permissions to edit post with no author

New layout options for Multiple Authors

Multiple Authors also has a new frontend display called “Inline” that makes it easier to display only the authors' names.

inline layout for Multiple Authors add-on

Click here to see all the layout options. This new display is designed to replace the standard author links in a theme. It's also a useful display if you rely on theme builders. In related news, we've improved Multiple Authors support for Beaver Themer and Beaver Builder.

New shortcode options for Multiple Authors

There's a new and improved shortcode for Multiple Authors. This allows you to display the author box in any part of your content. Just add this shortcode to the content:

This shortcode can be customized. You can choose from these layouts:

  • simple_list
  • centered
  • boxed
  • inline

You can also decide whether or not to show the title, using show_title=”true” or show_title=”false”.

Here's an example of that more detailed shortcode:

Details on these updates

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