Coming Soon: Revisionary Pro

Earlier this year, we relaunched the Revisionary plugin as part of our merger with PressPermit.

Revisionary is the best choice for managing, scheduling and moderating WordPress revisions.

After a summer of hard work, we're getting close to launching some major improvements to Revisionary, including a new version: Revisionary Pro.

One of the most important new additions will be a “Revision Queue”. This is one screen where you can see all revisions that are waiting for approval.

Revisionary plugin - new Revision Queue

We're also moving more revision management to the frontend of WordPress. This will allow support for Classic Editor, Gutenberg and pagebuilders.

How does this work in practice? When you view a revision, you'll see a bar across the top of the site. This green color shows that you're looking at a revision that's waiting for approval:

WordPress revision that is pending

The bar will change colors to indicate different situations. For example, this next color is for revisions that are no longer live:

WordPress revision that has been unpublished

This purple color shows that you're looking at a revision that's currently live on the site.

WordPress revision that is live

This grey color indicates that you're looking at a revision that's already scheduled to go live:

Scheduled revision banner in Revisionary

Moving to the frontend will also allow us to add better support for pagebuilders. For example, we hope that support for Beaver Builder will be one of the first features in Revisionary Pro. Check out this preview with the added “Submit Revision” button:

Beaver Builder revision scheduled to go live

When will these new features arrive?

We don't have a fixed ETA, but we're getting close, as you can see from the screenshots above.

Revisionary Free will focus on the very best experience for the WordPress core.

Revisionary Pro will add support for non-core plugins such as ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) and Beaver Builder.

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  1. Looking forward to Revisionary Pro. Excited to see more emphasis on the frontend. A few additions would go far:
    1. List view of one’s own pending revisions. This could allow users to quickly look through post suggestions they made that have not been accepted. Let’s say you post a thoughtful “Submit Revision” to someone’s post, head to the store, realize you forgot a detail, an easy way to view your pending revisions would allow you to quickly fix your revision.
    2. List view of pending revisions other’s submitted to your post. While in wp-admin I can view posts > pending, the problem is that if I’m logged in as an admin I’ll see potentially hundreds or thousands of pending posts. This means pending revisions on my posts are unfindable. There is no filter for “my posts” or “pending to my post” when viewing “posts > pending”.
    3. A widget displaying “Pending (4)” which simply shows the number of pending revisions to your posts with a link to those revisions. This would make it easier for users (authors) to keep track of revisions they should tend to so that the admins aren’t doing all the work.
    4. When revising a pending revision the add media button does not appear. It appears when giving an initial revision but not when making changes to that revision.

    1. Wow, thanks so much, Josh. That’s the kind of helpful feedback that makes me excited to work on these plugins and make them better. We don’t have any of these features available, but right now I’m already turning the first three into Github issues for our team:

      Item 4 on this list is a bug that should be fixed with the new way we’re handling revisions in this release.

  2. Really looking forward to hearing about support for ACF as this has been something one of my clients has flagged up for a while that ACF content isn’t saved with revisions. Will look out for future updates!

  3. Hi Steve,

    The GitHub URL doesn’t seem to work for me?

    Does Revisionary Pro also supports Yoast meta data, like properly copying/honoring all Yoast SEO fields?

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