How to Get Client Approval for WordPress Posts

We had a really interesting question from a PublishPress user:

We have many clients who we write posts for. We write the posts 6 months in advance, and get them approved by the clients. Is this possible with the PublishPress plugins?

The answer is “Yes”, you can do this. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to set up an approval process for WordPress posts.

The plugins you'll need

To set up this approval process, you'll need these three plugins:

Step #1. Create a “Client” user role

For this process, I recommend creating a new user role that is only for your Clients.

  • Go to “Capabilities” in your WordPress admin menu.
  • Choose “Author” from the “Select Role to View/Edit” box.
  • Enter “Client” in the “Copy Author Role” box.
  • Click “Copy”.

Step #2. Set up the PublishPress Authors plugin

This step will automatically turn your Clients into people who are able to access and edit your Posts.

  • Go to “Authors” in your WordPress admin menu.
  • Enter “Client” in the “Automatically create author profiles” box.

Step #3. Create new Statuses

This next step will create the “Approved” (or perhaps “Rejected”) option that your clients can choose.

  • Go to PublishPress > Settings > Statuses.
  • Click “Add New”.
  • Create a new status. You can call this “Approved” or “Client Approved”.
  • Click “Add New Status”.

You can customize this step. For example, you could also create rejection statuses such as “Not Approved” or “Needs Changes”. Your clients could also move Posts to these statuses if they're not ready to approve the content.

Finally, let's give Clients the ability to use this new “Approved” status:

  • Go to User > Capabilities.
  • Choose “Client” from the “Select Role to View/Edit” box.
  • Check the box for “status change approved”.
  • Click “Save Changes”.

Step #4. Create Clients

Now you're ready to create accounts for your clients. I would recommend testing this with a dummy account before unleashing it on your paying customers!

  • Go to the “Users” link in your WordPress admin menu.
  • Create a new user in the “Client” role.

Test out the process

  • Go to create a Post.
  • In the right sidebar, choose your Client as the Author of the post.

This does not mean that they have to be shown as the eventual author of the post on the front of the site. But the “Author” status brings special privileges in WordPress, and it's an easy way to allow your Clients access to edit these posts.

When the Client user logs in and clicks “Posts”, they will only see Posts where they are Author. They won't see content for your other clients. This is a useful feature of the PublishPress Capabilities plugin.

When the Client edits this Post, they will be able to choose “Approved” if they're happy with the content. Alternatively, they could move the Post to another status you have set up such as “Needs more work”.

You can configure what statuses the Client can see:

  • Go to “Capabilities”.
  • Choose “Client” from the “Select Role to View/Edit” box.
  • You can choose which statuses the Client has permission to use:

Also recommended: Notifications

One thing that could make this process more useful is the Notifications feature of PublishPress.

For example, you can send a notification to Clients when there is a new Post where they are the author. Here's what that notification might look like:

You can also create a notification to email you when a Post is moved to the “Approved” status. Here's what that notification might look like:

Summary of this Approval Process

There are many ways to customize this approval process for your use-case, but I hope this tutorial has given you a good, general introduction.

Using the PublishPress plugins, you absolutely can create an approval process where multiple clients can log in and review the content you create.

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