Control the Size of Featured Images with PublishPress Checklists

When you use the PublishPress Checklists plugin, you can define tasks that content creators must complete before their posts are published.

For example, you can make sure your posts have a minimum or maximum number of words. Or you can require that all the images in the post have ALT text.

One of the most popular options allows you to force all posts to have a featured image. PublishPress Checklists Pro now takes this one step further: you can require a specific height and width for all your featured images. This feature is useful because many themes only look good if your featured images are the correct size.

Here's how to use this new feature:

  • Go to Checklists > Settings. The image below shows the “Featured image width” and “Feature image height” options.
  • Enter your “Min” and “Max” choices in pixels.
  • You can choose from “Disabled, Recommended, or Required” options.
Featured Image
Featured Image

If you enable these Featured image options, they will be visible when you edit content. When your Featured image is the wrong size, these tasks will be marked in red in the sidebar:

Featured Image Checklists
Featured Image Checklists

When your Featured image is the correct size, this task will be marked in green in the sidebar:

Featured Image Checklists Green
Featured Image Checklists Green

There's an improved version of the Broken Link Checker in the Checklists plugin. This feature is in both the Free and Pro versions. This week's release includes better support for “tel:” and “mailto:” links, plus some edge cases.

You'll find the validation code in this file: /core/Utils/HyperlinkValidator.php

Here's a video intro the link check feature:

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  1. Hello,

    Sounds good! One question, the link validator, does it only check if the link format is valid, or does it validate the link itself? (404 errors).

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