WordPress User Roles

How to Show the “Widgets” Menu for WordPress User Roles

We had an interesting question from one of our users who wanted to show the “Widgets” menu for a custom role that they created. They were referring to the “Widgets” menu available in Appearance > Widgets. They created a custom role using the PublishPress Capabilities plugin. They did this by copying the default Subscriber role….

PublishPress Capabilities Can Hide Metaboxes, and Any Editor Feature

Back in June, we released “Editor Features” in the PublishPress Capabilities plugin. This allowed you to hide almost any feature on the post editing screen. Why do I say “almost”? Because the first release of Editor Features could not hide metaboxes. I’m happy to say that you can now use PublishPress Capabilities to hide metaboxes….

WordPress User Roles and Capabilities in the Database

Several of our PublishPress plugins allow you to control what users can do on your WordPress site. These plugins allow you to change user permissions via the WordPress admin area. However, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. PublishPress customers often have questions from users about WordPress permissions and where they are stored in…

How to Restore the Default User Permissions on a WordPress site

In some situations, you may need to completely refresh your WordPress site. If you need to reset your WordPress user permissions, this is possible with a plugin called PublishPress Capabilities. This plugin has an option to delete all the current permissions and user roles, and restore the WordPress defaults.