Allow WordPress User Roles To Only Edit Specific Post Types

One PublishPress customer asked how us to allow users in WordPress role to only edit specific post types.

For example, you create a custom role called “Movie Director” and post type called “Movie”. The goal is to allow this role to only access this post type. 

This is all possible thanks to the PublishPress Permissions plugin. Here are the steps to do it:

  • Create a custom post type on your site. You can create it using plugins like Custom Post Type UI or Pods.
  • Make sure that you have your custom role already created. If you haven’t had one, you can create a new custom role using PublishPress Capabilities.
  • Go to Permissions > Settings > Core. Enable your custom post type. In this case my custom post type is “Movie”.
  • Click “Save Changes”
  • Next, go to Permissions > Groups.
  • Click on your custom role. In this case my custom role is “Movie Director”
  • Give a permission to your custom post type and select the role “Author”.
  • Click “Add Role”.
  • Finally, go to “Users” and add your user to the role.
  • Login as that user and you will see something like the screenshot below, where they can only see the specified custom post type to edit.
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