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How to Manage Jetpack User Capabilities

Jetpack Users

Jetpack is one of the most popular plugins in WordPress with over 5 million users. The plugin is a swiss-army knife that offers users a ton of helpful features including security, spam-blocking, backups, traffic statistics, and more.

Several PublishPress customers have asked us how to control access to the Jetpack settings. For example, one user wanted to allow their Editors to see the traffic statistics.

In this post, I'll explain several ways that you can control access to the Jetpack dashboard.

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WordPress Powered Almost Every Contest in the US Elections


As everyone waited to find out the winners in last week's elections for US president and Congress, one winner was immediately obvious: WordPress.

Earlier in the election cycle, we saw the PublishPress plugin used by more than one presidential candidate. Even so, it was still surprising to see WordPress used in almost every 2020 race, from the presidency to Senate and House seats.

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Review of the Simple History Plugin for WordPress

Simple History

We recently looked at many different plugins to find the best one for tracking content changes.

The Simple History plugin was our favorite. Simple History allows site administrators to keep a log of all tasks performed within a WordPress site.

This plugin generates two tables in the WordPress database and these store all the changes to your site. These records will be deleted after 60 days to stop your database getting too big.

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We Moved our WordPress Plugins from Add-ons to Pro Versions

At the beginning of 2019, we had one business model for the plugins here at PublishPress.

At the beginning of 2020, we have a completely different business model.

For a few months now, I've been thinking about writing this post. It will hopefully be helpful to our customers who saw the changes happen. Plus, it will also be useful to developers who are considering the same change.

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Our Early Review of the Newspack Project from Automattic

Here at PublishPress, we’re very focused on the publishing experience in WordPress.

In recent weeks, there's been very interesting news for WordPress publishers with the launch of Newspack.

Newspack is a project from Automattic (the owners of WordPress.com, but not WordPress.org) that aims to help small newspapers run their sites on WordPress.

Here's the official description of Newspack:

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The Best Options for WordPress Photo Galleries

Long, scrolling pages are really popular right now, which makes sense. They’re more mobile-friendly than oversized navigations. They allow you to present a lot of information in a cleaner fashion. They’re also great for taking visitors through a logical journey, starting with their pain all the way through to your solution.

But just because visitors have become accustomed to the scrolling style doesn’t make it the most effective way to lay out every page—especially one that contains a lot of images.

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