Editor Features

“Editor Features” is available in the PublishPress Capabilities plugin.

“Editor Features” allows you to clean up the post editing screen. You can decide what users see when they’re writing posts.

For example, you can customize the Gutenberg Editor so users have very limited features. The users can write the post as normal, but they have no access any of the extra settings. All they can do is save the post as a “Draft” or click “Publish”.

This guide explains more about how Editor Features work.

Block Access Allows You to Control Blocks for User Roles

“Block Access” is one of the most popular features in the PublishPress Blocks plugin. This feature allows you to control which blocks are available to different user roles. For example, if you want to prevent some user roles from adding “Table” blocks, you can block them from doing that with this feature. In version 2.10…

New Profile Features Screen in PublishPress Capabilities

If I had to pick a word to describe my experience with large WordPress sites, it’d be “overwhelming”. There are so many admin notices, plugin alerts, review requests, and other demands for your attention. There are settings, sidebars, tabs, input boxes, metaboxes, configuration options, and more. So with PublishPress Capabilities, we’re helping you simplify the…