create_posts capability

The create_posts capability allows users to create new posts. Normally, this is wrapped up in the edit_posts capability and can not be given separately. However, in many situations you do not want to allow the same user to both “create” and “edit” posts.

The solution is the create_posts capability and you can give it to users thanks to the PublishPress Capabilities plugin.

How to Give Beaver Builder Users Access to One Page

The Beaver Builder plugin is an excellent good page-builder for WordPress sites. This week, one PublishPress customer asked us if it was possible to allow some WordPress users to edit a single page with Beaver Builder. Our first thought was “yes, this is easy”. We’ve done it before many times using this approach, this approach…

Capability Manager Enhanced Now Has Far More Flexible Permissions

Update: this plugin is now called “PublishPress Capabilities”. Capability Manager Enhanced is one of the most popular permissions plugins for WordPress. We acquired the plugin in February and are working hard on improvements. Our goal is to create a suite of powerful publishing plugins for WordPress. Capability Manager Enhanced is key to that goal.