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Activity Logs help you to understand exactly what’s happening on your WordPress site. They record all the key events on your site and allow them to easily search and view the important details. We have built an activity log for WordPress that’s called “Logtivity” and we recommend it for PublishPress users.

Logtivity is a Powerful, New Activity Log for WordPress


Over the last few years, customers have sent in many feature requests for PublishPress. Some of those are requests are unique to one person. Others are sent in by dozens of customers, and we try really hard to build those features!

Top of the feature request list has always been an activity log. People want to understand exactly what’s happening on their WordPress site.

So we have built an activity log for WordPress. It's called “Logtivity” and it has just launched!

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What is the Best Plugin to Track WordPress Revisions?

Change Wordpress 1

We develop a plugin called PublishPress Revisions that allows you to submit, approve and schedule changes to your WordPress content.

However, PublishPress Revisions doesn't (yet) keep an easily visible log of all your content changes. This week, someone emailed us and wanted to know if this was possible using another plugin.

I decided to install and test seven plugins that can track content changes.

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