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PublishPress Checklists Has a New Interface and OpenAI Integration

With the PublishPress Checklists plugin, you can choose pre-publishing requirements for your content. We’ve just released version 2.10, which has a new interface and also integrates with OpenAI. In this guide, I’ll show you how the interface makes PublishPress Checklists easier to use. I’ll also explain how to use OpenAI to automatically scan and approve…

WordPress MultiSite Capabilities Are Different From Single Sites

WordPress allows you to build multisite networks. This is an awesome feature and enables you to manage many sites from a single WordPress installation. However, some WordPress features do work differently on a multisite network. If you normally manage a single site, you may have to adjust your thinking. One of these features is permissions….

Your Guide to the Autosave Feature for WordPress Posts

If you write blog posts in your browser, you have probably had the gut-wrenching experience of losing content. Maybe your browser crashed. Perhaps your internet connection dropped. But when you went back to your post, your content was missing. Ouch! Fortunately, autosaves are a WordPress feature that can help you avoid losing your content.

How to Use Private Posts and Pages in WordPress

“Private” is one of eight post statuses available in WordPress. These statuses control whether WordPress posts are visible to the entire world, waiting for moderation, or sent to the trash to await deletion. When you write in WordPress, you will most commonly see the Draft, Pending Review and Publish statuses. The Private status is used…

How To Hide the Edit Link For WordPress Posts

We had an interesting question from a PublishPress customer this week. They wanted to hide the “Edit” link on published WordPress posts. This customer wanted to make sure his users clicked the “New Revision” link instead of editing the post directly. This “New Revisions” link is coming from the PublishPress Revisions plugin, which gives you…

Block Controls Are Now Available in PublishPress Blocks

The PublishPress Blocks plugin is growing in a new direction. The latest release of PublishPress Blocks (version 2.14) introduces a feature called “Block Controls”. This will give you the ability to control who sees your blocks and when they display. This first “Block Controls” setting allows you to schedule blocks to publish and unpublish. Every…