PublishPress Logo and Brand Materials

The PublishPress team provides powerful publishing and permissions plugins for WordPress.

PublishPress Logo

Here is a copy of the PublishPress logo. You’re welcome to download and use it when mentioning PublishPress in news articles or for events.

PublishPress Mascots

Our mascots are three lovable penguins. Why penguins? Because penguins exhibit the teamwork skills that we try to enable with PublishPress.

Oh, and because the “P” sound is really cool:

PublishPress’ purple penguins provide professional publishing plugins

The penguins are named Palmer, Peter and Paul:

  • Palmer is named for Bertha Palmer who protected many key areas of land in Sarasota where our company is based.
  • Peter is named for Peter Max who is a wonderfully creative and colorful painter, plus a committed environmentalist.
  • Paul is named for Paul Watson who founded the Sea Shepherd organization and works to protect the world's oceans.

PublishPress Colors

The PublishPress brand colors are purple and yellow. These are the HEX and RGB values for the colors: