What’s New in PublishPress 1.7?

What's Coming in PublishPress 1.7?

The slogan of PublishPress is “WordPress for Teams”.

PublishPress is a fork of Edit Flow, and we’re working hard to add new features that your team members will love.

The latest version of PublishPress is available today, and it provides big improvements to the design and functionality of some older Edit Flow features.

There are two big changes that you'll see immediately:

  • A new editorial calendar design
  • An improved notifications system

New Feature #1: Improved Editorial Calendar Design

The editorial calendar screen is the first thing you see after installing PublishPress. We've been working hard to make it as useful as possible.

In the new PublishPress, you can give a custom color to each status. For example, “Published” content can be green, “Draft” content can be yellow and “Needs Review” content can be red. Each status can also have a custom icon. These visual changes make it much easier to understand the content you have planned.

Inside the PublishPress settings area, you can create and customize your statuses:

For each status, you can choose from any color, plus a wide range of icons:

We really think that this makes PublishPress the best editorial calendar in WordPress, and a rival to some hosted services that charge $30 per month or more.

New Feature #2: Vastly Improved Notifications

One of the most common questions around PublishPress notifications was, “How do they work?”. There was very little in the user interface to explain how people get notified about content updates.

We've been building a vastly improved notification system for PublishPress. The image below shows one of the new notification workflows.

Here's an example of the emails you'll receive from PublishPress:

With the new PublishPress you'll have access to all these settings:

  • Events: Send notifications when an editorial comment is added, content is added, or the content status is changed.
  • Content type: Send notifications only for certain post types or categories.
  • Who gets notified: Send notifications to the authors, to specific users, or to user groups.
  • What to say: You can customize the text that's included in the email notifications.

Click here for a full overview of what's possible with the new Notifications.


If you are part of a WordPress team, give PublishPress 1.7 a try.

In addition to Multiple Authors, you’ll also get:

WordPress for Teams. That’s the goal.

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