Two Key Improvements to PublishPress Series

PublishPress Series is the plugin that allows you to organize posts into issues or series.

With the release of PublishPress Series version 2.11.4 we've made two significant improvements to how the plugin works. In this guide, I'll introduce those two changes.

Improvement #1. The Series Order Screen

In earlier versions of the plugin there were multiple ways to organize posts in a series. These methods could be contradictory and produce strange results. For example, using the contradictions it was possible to show a post as “Part 6 of 5 in the series”.

To make organizing your series as a simple as possible, we've focused on the “Series Order” screen. This is one place where you can drag-and-drop the posts in your series into the correct order. You can also manage any unpublished posts in the series.

This screenshot below shows the new “Series Order” layout:

For long-time users of PublishPress Series, this does mean that the “Series Part” box has gone. You can see that feature in the screenshot below. Removing this option may require a change of approach, but we believe the new focus on “Series Order” will be simpler and less prone to errors.

Improvement #2. The Multiple Series Feature

The Pro version of PublishPress Series has a feature called “Multiple Series” that allows you to add posts to more than one series. The core plugin only allows posts to be added to one series.

Until this new version of PublishPress Series, there was always a warning next to this feature. The warning said to be careful when using Multiple Series. This was because the old approach significantly changed the data structure of your series. There was no easy way to rollback this feature once it was enabled.

Now, that warning has gone. We refactored PublishPress Series so that the “Multiple Series” can be enabled and disabled safely. There's no longer any significant data change.

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