PublishPress Future Pro is Now Available

PublishPress Future is one of the most popular and useful plugins we develop. The free version of the plugin has over 100,000 users.

The plugin enables you to make automatic changes to posts on a date you choose. Here are some examples:

  • Delete a post in one month.
  • Update the post status to “Draft” next week.
  • Add the category “Archive” in 6 weeks.
  • Remove the WooCommerce product category “Sale” after Black Friday.

The plugin was called “Post Expirator” and we adopted it almost two years ago. During this time we've been working on modernizing the codebase and making the plugin as reliable as possible.

I'm delighted to say that there's now a Pro version of PublishPress Future.

What's in PublishPress Future Pro?

The first version of PublishPress Future Pro arrives with two new features:

  1. An expiration log to record all your post changes.
  2. Support for automatically moving posts to custom post statuses.

First, let's look at the expiration log. This feature allows you to keep a detailed record of all the changes that happen to your posts. In the screenshot below, you see an example of the logs feature. PublishPress Future records at least four key data points for all actions:

  • ID: The unique ID for this action.
  • Post: The post that the action was performed on.
  • Logs: Details of the change made to the post.
  • Log date: When the change was made to the post.
Action Logs in PublishPress Future

Second, PublishPress Future Pro allows you to automatically move posts to custom statuses. In the screenshot below, we're using the bbPress plugin which has four custom statuses: Closed, Spam, Orphan, Hidden. Using PublishPress Future, you can set up an automatic action that will move this bbPress post to a custom status at a date and time of your choice.

What does this mean for existing PublishPress customers?

If you have the Business, Agency, or Unlimited plan, you will find Future Pro available in your account now. You can download Future Pro and use the same license key you have for the other PublishPress plugins.

Do you have a feature request for PublishPress Future?

We have a series of new features planned for both the Free and Pro versions of PublishPress Future.

If you have any feature requests, please feel free to send us a support ticket, or post in the “Feature Requests” area on Github.

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