PublishPress Blocks Pro Has a New Pricing Table

PublishPress Blocks is the plugin that gives you more control over the WordPress block editor.

Over the last few weeks, we've released two major updates to PublishPress Blocks. Versions 2.7 and 2.8 arrive with new blocks and usability improvements.

Here's a guide to five things to look out for when you install the latest version of PublishPress Blocks.

#1. Pricing Table Block

With the Pro version of the PublishPress Blocks plugin, you can create a Pricing Table block when you need to show people the purchase or subscription options on your site. Your visitors will be able to see the cost and features for each option. Click here for documentation on the Pricing Table block.

We wrote a little about how we built the block in this post on nested blocks. The Pricing Table is constructed from multiple different blocks. This gives you a lot of flexibility because you can replace any of these blocks. Do you want to use a different columns block? That's no problem. Do you want to use a different button block? You can swap it out in less than a minute. You can also redesign the Pricing Table because every nested block can be drag-and-dropped to a different location.

Nested Blocks 2
Nested Blocks 2

#2. Features List Block

Inside that image above, you'll notice several “Feature” items. These use the Features List block. This block is available in PublishPress Blocks Pro and is designed to show a list of all the items available with a product or service. You can customize the colors, size, icons and much more for each individual feature. Click here for documentation on the Features List block.

#3. Custom Styles

PublishPress Blocks allows you to define custom CSS snippets that can be applied to any block. This is a very useful feature that empowers your users to add pre-defined CSS styles to any block. The latest release make this feature more lightweight as the CSS of each custom style loads only when it is in use. Plus, it is now even easier to use these styles.

Go to “Blocks”, then “Custom Styles”. Here you can create your custom CSS. In the example below, I'm adding a blue background for some blocks.

Custom Styles
Custom Styles

Now when you're editing a post, you'll be able to access those styles for these blocks: Paragraph, Heading, List, Code, Preformatted, Table, Columns, and Group. In the image below, I'm working with a paragraph block and have chosen to add the “Blue message” styles. This CSS will show both in the admin preview and on the frontend of your site.

Blue Message
Blue Message

#4. Block Access

The “Block Access” feature in PublishPress Blocks allows you to control which users can add which Gutenberg blocks. For example, if you want to prevent some users from adding “Table” blocks, you can block them from doing that with this feature. Click here for documentation on Block Access. This feature is now cleaned up and easier to use.

  • Go to “Blocks” and “Block Access”.
  • Click “New Profile”.
  • Choose the roles you want to customize. In the image below, I'm updating the blocks that Editors can see.
Editor Blocks
Editor Blocks

Now you can choose to disable blocks for these users. In the image below, I've removed access to the “Advanced Icon”, “Advanced Table”, and “Columns Manager” blocks.

Editor Block Access
Editor Block Access

#5. More Improvements

Long Captions
Long Captions

With PublishPress Blocks, you can create an Advanced Accordion block when you need to display a lot of content in a small area. A new feature is that you can apply HTML tag options to the accordion headers:

Accordion Html Headers
Accordion Html


If you haven't tried PublishPress Blocks yet, today is a great day to take it for a test drive!

PublishPress Blocks has everything you need to build professional websites with WordPress. The blocks include layout options, sliders, buttons, icons, image galleries, maps, tabs, testimonials, accordions, and much more.

Click here to download the Free version and click here to buy the Pro version.

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